Sean Swidler

Senior IP Counsel

About Sean Swidler

Sean Swidler concentrates his practice on domestic and international trademark prosecution and pre-litigation enforcement and counseling. As the son of an ad man, childhood dinner table discussions often focused on branding, the nuances of the commercial impression, and how to get the right message to consumers through product names and advertising. Now, when products and services need names and companies need identities, Sean navigates clients through the trademark selection and clearance process, and then secures trademark registrations and assists clients in portfolio management. His client’s range from well-known international brands with substantial portfolios to start-ups and small companies establishing their footprint in the market. He applies his nearly 20 years’ experience and knowledge to develop and implement creative, cost-effective strategies to achieve client goals. In recent years Sean has also spent significant time working with clients in the cannabis industry developing and implementing the trademark protection strategies necessary to maximize value and compete at the highest level in this fast growing marketplace.

As a registered patent attorney, Sean works with large companies with global reach and portfolios, mid-size companies whose growth rides on protecting their innovations, and solo inventors and start-ups launching businesses from new ideas. Each case requires understanding of the business, marketplace, and assessment of aspects most likely patentable and providing a return on investment. With a passion for taking things apart to see how the jigs and reels work together, Sean has successfully secured a number of patents in the mechanical arts and electro-mechanical arts, including medical devices, exercise equipment, and product packaging in the food, drug and cosmetic industries.

Maintaining a competitive edge from valued IP rights requires a marketplace monitoring program and plan to assess risk and strategies to address conflicts. Some issues dissipate over time, requiring only periodic monitoring, and a firm, yet cordial, letter may resolve other issues without further escalation. When the need arises, Sean works with clients on developing and implementing conflict resolution strategies in federal and state courts as well as the administrative boards at the USPTO. In all cases the strategy is a measured approach reflecting client goals while controlling cost and risk.

Outside the office, Sean enjoys cooking, a self-proclaimed “slow cooker scientist”, and is a recovering long course triathlete, but still enjoys a nice, leisurely swim, bike or run.