Rachel Gartner


About Rachel Gartner

A self-proclaimed foodie, Rachel is an associate attorney who helps food and beverage brands safely advertise and market their products. She began her career at an advertising agency, working with brands like Miller Coors. Today, she uses her combined understanding of the law with advertising and marketing brands to help innovative food and beverage companies grow in a compliant and legally aware fashion.

Rachel’s experience includes advising clients on advertising claim substantiation, product labeling and packaging, and various other issues relating to advertising, marketing, endorsements, social media and promotions. From start-ups to major corporations, Rachel helps clients navigate challenges brought by administrative bodies such as the U.S. Food and Drug Administration (FDA), U.S. Department of Agriculture (USDA), Federal Trade Commission (FTC), and National Advertising Division (NAD). Additionally, Rachel helps defend her clients against class action lawsuits relating to false or deceptive advertising.

Rachel’s ability to put herself in the shoes of her creativity-driven clients is what makes her style of lawyering so likeable. Her interest and appreciation for the food and beverage industry enables her to love the work she does and enthusiastically represent her clients.

A fitness fanatic, you can find Rachel at yoga, spin, or kick-boxing any day of the week. In addition to workout classes, she considers shopping a form of cardio.