Brent Batzer


About Brent Batzer

Brent Batzer is an experienced patent lawyer, litigating patents for both brand and generic pharmaceutical companies, as well as drafting and prosecuting patents. Clients rely on Brent for quick answers when available, detailed analysis when called for, and a pragmatic approach befitting an attorney with an engineering background.

Brent’s primary focus is the pharmaceutical industry. With extensive experience in Paragraph IV litigation on both the generic and brand sides, and additional experience in patent prosecution of brand portfolios, both domestic and worldwide, he brings knowledge from all angles to his client’s cases. Brent also commonly advises clients in the food, beverage and supplement industries on a variety of contracts and intellectual property matters, including freedom to operate opinions, supply and distribution agreements, trademark and patent licenses, confidentiality agreements, and the like.

Brent recognizes that each case, contract, and situation is different, and that a minor detail in one situation may not really be minor to another client. To that end, Brent works with his clients to understand their business needs and goals, and crafts a strategy, whether in litigation, a contract, or an IP portfolio, focused on achieving them.

He is an avid (though rather lousy) golfer, subjects his wife to his cooking on a regular basis, and is active with his wife in supporting cat rescue and fostering organizations. He had a radio show during his college years, once won $150 in a karaoke contest, and as a trivia junkie and regular participant in LearnedLeague swears he will one day be on Jeopardy!®


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