news September 7, 2021

New York Times Prominently Features Amin Talati in Article On Food Litigation; Notes Firm’s California Expansion

In an article about the dramatic increase of law suits being filed against food and beverage companies, Amin Talati’s Managing Partner Ivan Wasserman is quoted on the volume of such suits, and the perhaps unintended,  negative impact they can have on the very people they purport to protect: “These cases can really have a chilling effect on speech,” Mr. Wasserman said. “And I think that’s damaging not only to the company, but also potentially for consumers, if companies are afraid of giving truthful and accurate information for a fear of being roped into a meritless lawsuit.”

The article also notes the firm’s recent expansion  into California to the meet client needs. Prominent litigators Matt Orr and William Cole opened the Los Angeles office, who followed on the heels of George Spatz joining the firm in Chicago. “The flood of litigation has become so intense that Mr. Wasserman’s firm, Amin Talati Wasserman, recently opened an office in California, which has some of the country’s most stringent consumer protection regulations.”

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