news January 27, 2023

Ashish Talati & Rend Al-Mondhiry Quoted in “Is FDA Watching Heart Health Supplements in 2023?”

Nutritional Outlook spoke with ATW’s Ashish Talati and Rend Al-Mondhiry about ingredient trends in 2023.

Both Ashish and Rend pointed to the trend they are seeing of FDA issuing groups of warning letters in conjunction with a press release, where FDA is sending a broad message to industry regarding these types of claims.

Rend noted that the line between structure-function claims and implied disease claims is especially blurry and not always apparent when a claim mentions cholesterol, blood pressure and even blood sugar. She emphasized that qualifying claims in these instances is key.

Ashish discussed do’s and don’ts and emphasized that companies should avoid plaque-reduction and cholesterol- and blood pressure-lowering claims, especially in the context of disease prevention and treatment.

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