events February 2, 2023

William Cole and Matthew Orr to Speak at Sports & Active Nutrition Summit USA

William Cole and Matt Orr will speak alongside a panel of industry thought leaders at the Sports & Active Nutrition Summit, February 15 -17, in San Diego, CA.

In a session titled, “The Ever-Changing Regulatory Landscape for Sports Nutrition Products” on February 16, William, Matt and their co-panelists will cover the gamut — from class actions around protein labeling and NPA’s Citizen’s Petition over caloric values from BCAAs to the rise of state-led efforts to restrict access to performance-related dietary supplements and the implications of mandatory product listing, the discussion will explore all the key regulatory challenges in the sports nutrition field.

The Sports & Active Nutrition Summit is produced by Nutra-Ingredients USA. The Summit brings together industry and research professionals in the sports and active nutrition space and aims to bridge the gaps between cutting edge science, business strategy and key regulatory developments.

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