Rakesh M. Amin


About Rakesh M. Amin

A passionate business and litigation attorney for a wide variety of clients in the food, beverage, drug, dietary supplement and cosmetic industries, Rakesh has earned a strong reputation for keen judgment, sharp analytical skills and successful results. Companies seeking to develop and launch products focused on health and wellness turn to Rakesh for creative strategies to help sell products and protect their inventions and brand names, and to prevent and mitigate government, competitor and consumer class action challenges.

Rakesh is known as a zealous, aggressive advocate in litigation who has helped his clients prevail in some of the largest patent and trademark infringement cases in the food, beverage, supplement and drug industries. Rakesh is also well known for successfully defending companies in FDA, USDA, FTC and State AG actions, consumer false advertising class actions, Proposition 65 lawsuits, and National Advertising Division (NAD) challenges.

Rakesh believes that protection of intellectual property (IP), infringement clearance, and labeling, advertising and manufacturing compliance should be in a company’s rearview mirror in order to reduce risks and optimize profits, sustainability, reputation, consumer and investor confidence. Such an approach also enables his clients to be aggressive against non-compliant or infringing companies unfairly competing.

Rakesh supports The American Nutrition Association, Vitamin Angels, Family Farmed Good Food Commission and the Frontera Farmer Foundation. Rakesh further works with leading trade associations such as the Council For Responsible Nutrition, Consumer Healthcare Products Association, United Natural Products Association, American Herbal Products Association (AHPA), Global Organization for EPA and DHA Omega-3s (GOED), National Animal Supplement Council, Natural Products Association and American Botanical Council. Rakesh is FDA/IP counsel for GOED and American Botanical Council, and IP counsel for AHPA. In addition to enjoying reading, meditation, kung fu, swimming and hiking, he is an avid basketball and ping-pong player who plays regularly with clients. He lives with his wife, son and daughter in the heart of Chicago.